7 Maine Towns People Are Fleeing as Soon as Possible

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Maine, renowned for its scenic beauty and tranquil lifestyle, is witnessing an unexpected phenomenon as inhabitants are leaving particular towns in large numbers. This article explores the reasons behind this mass migration and highlights the seven towns most impacted by it.

Economic Changes and Job Scarcity

The primary factor driving this population shift is economic. Numerous towns have encountered substantial job losses due to the closure of factories and the decline of traditional industries like fishing and logging. The lack of employment opportunities has compelled many residents to seek livelihoods elsewhere.

Escalating Cost of Living

Contrary to Maine’s reputation for affordability, some towns have experienced a surge in living expenses, posing challenges for average families to sustain themselves. This rise is partly attributed to an influx of wealthier individuals from out of state, leading to increased property values and taxes.

Influence of Climate Change

Maine’s climate has been undergoing changes, with warmer winters impacting the ski industry and altering the renowned fall foliage season. These environmental shifts have cascading effects on tourism, a crucial source of income for many towns.

Towns in Transition

While specific data on the departing towns is not readily available, the trend aligns with the national migration pattern from rural to urban areas. Towns likely affected by this trend would exhibit characteristics such as declining populations, diminished job prospects, and escalating living costs.


The exodus from these Maine towns serves as a wakeup call for state policymakers. There is a pressing need for economic revitalization, investment in sustainable industries, and measures to make living costs more manageable. Only then can Maine hope to retain its residents and entice new ones to these stunning yet struggling towns.

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