Belle Isle Police Officer Injured in Traffic Stop Near Orlando

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A routine traffic stop took a dangerous turn for Belle Isle Police officer Zachary Mathews near Orlando International Airport, resulting in serious injuries.

Mathews, with just a year on the force, suffered back fractures and used a walker temporarily for mobility. He described the surreal experience of losing sensation in his right leg after the incident.

During the stop, Mathews and his partner encountered Carlos Miller, driving an SUV with a trailer. The officers detected the smell of marijuana and asked Miller to exit the vehicle.

Miller attempted to flee towards oncoming traffic, prompting Mathews to intervene. He managed to prevent a collision but was pushed backward, landing on the ground.

As Mathews lay on the ground, the SUV, left in gear, began moving towards him with the trailer. He narrowly avoided being run over, lifting the trailer off himself and then assisting in securing Miller before collapsing from his injuries.

Despite the ordeal, Mathews is grateful that his injuries were not more severe. He faces weeks of rehabilitation but hopes to return to light duty within a month.

Miller is facing seven charges, including aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, in connection with the incident.

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