4 Major Florida Counties Where People Are Leaving the Most

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Florida, known for its sunny beaches, vibrant cities, and retirement communities, has seen significant population shifts in recent years. While many counties continue to grow, some are experiencing an exodus of residents. Let’s delve into the data and explore four major Florida counties where people are leaving the most.

1. Polk County

Polk County, situated in central Florida, has witnessed a remarkable trend. Despite a slight drop in population since the previous year, it boasts the highest level of positive domestic migration in the state. Approximately 26,029 individuals chose to call Polk County home in 2023. Perhaps its affordability, pleasant climate, and proximity to major cities contribute to its allure.

2. Pasco County

Pasco County, located on Florida’s west coast, ranks third in terms of domestic migration. 23,750 people flocked to Pasco County last year. The county’s mix of suburban living, outdoor recreational opportunities, and access to Tampa Bay makes it an attractive destination.

3. Marion County

Marion County, nestled in north-central Florida, secured the ninth spot on our list. With 15,167 new residents, it continues to draw people seeking a quieter lifestyle. Marion County’s equestrian culture, natural beauty, and affordable housing options play a role in its appeal.

4. Miami-Dade County

While Miami-Dade County is not losing population overall, it stands out due to its high levels of international migration. The county witnessed significant growth through immigration, particularly from Latin America and the Caribbean. Miami-Dade remains a global hub, attracting diverse communities and businesses.

what are the most popular destinations for people leaving florida counties

The most popular destinations for people leaving Florida counties include:

The Empire State (New York): New York remains a sought-after destination for Floridians moving interstate, with about 4% of people choosing to relocate there. The appeal lies in the diverse natural landscape, four seasons, and hilly terrain that offer a contrast to Florida’s perpetual summer.

St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Amelia Island: These locations are highlighted as some of the greatest spots to visit in Florida, offering beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and a variety of activities for visitors looking to explore the Sunshine State.

The Florida Keys: Known for their tropical beauty and unique charm, the Florida Keys are recognized as one of the most attractive destinations in Florida. The chain of islands between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico offers a paradise-like setting for those seeking a serene and picturesque getaway.

These destinations cater to different preferences, from urban opportunities in New York to beachfront relaxation in the Florida Keys, providing a range of options for individuals leaving Florida counties and seeking new experiences elsewhere.

what are the reasons people are moving to florida counties

People are moving to Florida counties for various reasons, including:

Low Cost of Living: Florida offers a more affordable cost of living compared to many other states, making it an attractive destination for those looking to save money and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Sunny Weather: The Sunshine State’s warm and sunny climate is a major draw for individuals seeking a year-round summer-like environment.

Beautiful Beaches: Florida is renowned for its stunning beaches, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy coastal living and water activities.

Strong Economy: Florida boasts one of the largest and strongest economies in the United States, providing ample job opportunities and economic stability for residents.

Outdoor Activities: With a plethora of outdoor activities available, from lake fishing to deep-sea fishing, Florida offers a vibrant lifestyle for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Diverse Industries: The state’s diverse industries, including health, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism, contribute to a robust economy and provide a range of career opportunities for residents.

Educational Facilities: Florida is home to some of the best educational facilities in the USA, making it an appealing choice for families with children seeking quality education.

The Everglades: The unique ecosystem of the Florida Everglades offers residents a chance to experience a truly one-of-a-kind natural environment.

Water Sports and Activities: Florida’s proximity to the ocean and abundance of water bodies make it a haven for water sports enthusiasts, offering activities like boating, fishing, swimming, surfing, and scuba diving.

Seafood and Cuisine: Florida’s delicious seafood and diverse culinary scene add to the state’s appeal, providing residents with a delectable dining experience.

These factors collectively contribute to the allure of Florida counties, attracting individuals seeking a blend of affordability, natural beauty, economic opportunities, and a vibrant lifestyle.


Florida’s population dynamics are ever-evolving. As regions recover from pandemic-related disruptions, some areas experience growth, while others face challenges. Whether it’s the allure of coastal living, affordable housing, or cultural diversity, these four counties exemplify the complex tapestry of Florida’s demographic landscape.

In summary, Florida’s counties are in flux, with migration patterns reflecting a mix of economic, social, and environmental factors. As we look ahead, understanding these trends will be crucial for policymakers, businesses, and residents alike.

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