This School has Been Named the Worst College in Kentucky

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Kentucky is home to many prestigious and reputable colleges and universities, such as the University of Kentucky, Centre College, and Bellarmine University. However, not all schools in the state are equally impressive. According to a recent ranking by, the worst college in Kentucky is Lindsey Wilson College, a private college affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

What makes Lindsey Wilson College the worst?

Lindsey Wilson College, located in Columbia, KY, has a student population of about 2,500. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields, such as business, education, nursing, and psychology. However, despite its seemingly diverse offerings, the school fails to deliver on several aspects of academic quality and student satisfaction.

One of the main factors that contributed to Lindsey Wilson College’s low ranking is its graduation rate, which is only 37%. This means that less than half of the students who enroll in the school actually complete their degree within six years. This is well below the national average of 62% and the state average of 51%.

Another factor that affects the school’s reputation is its student reviews, which are mostly negative. Many students complain about the poor quality of the faculty, the bad food, the mold-filled dorms, and the lack of campus activities. Some students also report feeling isolated and unwelcome at the school, especially if they are not religious or conservative.

Are there any redeeming qualities of Lindsey Wilson College?

Despite its many flaws, Lindsey Wilson College does have some positive aspects that may appeal to some students. For instance, the school has a low student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1, which means that students can get more personalized attention and guidance from their professors. The school also offers generous financial aid packages, with 100% of the students receiving some form of grant or scholarship aid. The average net price of attending the school is $14,876 per year, which is lower than the state average of $16,406.

Additionally, the school has some notable alumni who have achieved success in various fields, such as sports, politics, and entertainment. Some examples are Tim Couch, a former NFL quarterback; Hal Rogers, a U.S. congressman; and J.D. Shelburne, a country music singer.


Lindsey Wilson College is ranked as the worst college in Kentucky by, based on its low graduation rate, poor student reviews, and lack of academic excellence. However, the school does have some positive features, such as its low student-to-faculty ratio, its generous financial aid, and its notable alumni. Ultimately, the decision to attend any college depends on the individual student’s preferences, goals, and circumstances. Therefore, prospective students should do their own research and visit the campus before making their final choice.

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