The Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in Michigan is Terrifying

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Michigan is a state with a rich history and a lot of natural beauty. But it also has a dark side, as some of its places are said to be haunted by restless spirits. One of these places is the Landmark Inn, a historic hotel in Marquette that has been operating since 1930. The Landmark Inn is not only a popular destination for tourists and celebrities, but also for paranormal enthusiasts who want to experience its eerie atmosphere and encounter its ghostly inhabitants.

The Lady in Red

The most famous ghost of the Landmark Inn is the Lady in Red, a mysterious woman who is often seen wandering the halls or sitting in the window of room 502. According to legend, she was the lover of a sailor who promised to marry her when he returned from his voyage. However, he never came back, and she died of a broken heart in the hotel. Some say she committed suicide, while others say she died of natural causes. Either way, her spirit remained in the hotel, waiting for her lover to return.

The Lady in Red is usually described as a beautiful woman with long red hair and a red dress. She is said to be friendly and harmless, but sometimes she likes to play tricks on the guests and staff. She has been known to turn on the lights, the radio, or the faucet, or to move objects around. She also likes to leave behind a faint scent of perfume or roses. Some guests have reported seeing her in the mirror, or feeling her touch their hair or shoulder. Others have heard her whisper their name, or say “I’m sorry” or “I love you”.

The Other Ghosts

The Lady in Red is not the only ghost that haunts the Landmark Inn. There are several other spirits that have been seen or heard in different parts of the hotel. Some of them are:

The Librarian: A woman who likes to read books in the library, and sometimes leaves them open on the table. She is also fond of the fireplace, and has been seen sitting in front of it. She is usually quiet, but sometimes she makes a shushing sound or clears her throat.

The Porter: A man who wears a uniform and carries a suitcase. He is often seen in the lobby or the elevator, and sometimes he helps the guests with their luggage. He is friendly and helpful, but he disappears when he is thanked or tipped.

The Little Boy: A child who likes to run and play in the hallways, especially on the fourth floor. He is often heard giggling or knocking on the doors. He is playful and curious, but sometimes he scares the guests or staff with his sudden appearance or disappearance.

The Smoking Man: A man who wears a hat and a trench coat, and smokes a cigarette. He is usually seen in the Sky Room, a lounge on the top floor of the hotel. He likes to sit by the window and look at the view. He is silent and aloof, but sometimes he blows smoke rings or flicks his ashes.

The Conclusion

The Landmark Inn is a hotel that offers more than just a comfortable stay. It also offers a glimpse into the past, and a chance to encounter the supernatural. The hotel is proud of its haunted reputation, and welcomes guests who are interested in its history and its ghosts. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, you might find yourself surprised by what you see or hear in the Landmark Inn. The story behind this haunted hotel in Michigan is terrifying, but also fascinating and intriguing.

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