People Are Fleeing Philadelphia. Here’s Where They’re Plotting to Move to

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Philadelphia, renowned as the city of brotherly love, is undergoing a notable shift in its population dynamics. As some individuals depart, the city concurrently draws in new residents, shaping a multifaceted and continually evolving environment.

Reasons for Departure from Philadelphia

Contrary to the notion of a mass exodus, most Philadelphians are not hastily abandoning the city. Rather, they are relocating for various reasons, primarily driven by job opportunities elsewhere. A study by United Van Lines revealed that approximately 35% of movers left the state for employment, with 28% citing family reasons, and 21% mentioning retirement as the motive for leaving Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia’s Resilience

Despite the outward flow, the heart of Philadelphia’s downtown is making a robust comeback. Anne Nadol, the city’s commerce director, commended major employers like Comcast for encouraging their employees to return to the office, at least part-time. This initiative has contributed to the revitalization of life in Center City. The pedestrian volume downtown is gradually approaching pre-pandemic levels, not solely due to commuters but also because of an increase in nearby residents.

Destination Cities

According to moveBuddha data, the primary cities attracting former Philadelphia residents include Chicago, New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Portland, Los Angeles, and Austin. Interestingly, Philadelphia is also gaining new residents, particularly from New York and Washington DC.


The narrative of people hastily leaving Philadelphia is more intricate than it may seem. While some residents depart, others are drawn to the city, enticed by its blend of metropolitan amenities and small-town ambiance. As Philadelphia adapts to these shifts, it persists as a lively and dynamic city, offering a spectrum of opportunities and challenges.


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