The Highest Rate of Weed Consumption in The U.S. Is Found in This Pennsylvania County!

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Philadelphia has found itself prominently placed among the top cities globally for marijuana use, as per the 2023 Cannabis Global Price Index. Securing the 15th spot, the city has become a notable figure in the worldwide cannabis scene.

Utilizing data from reputable sources such as the World Health Organization and UNODC World Drug Reports, the study sheds light on Philadelphia’s significant role in cannabis consumption. Despite its renowned culinary offerings like cheesesteaks and pretzels, the city’s enthusiasm for marijuana is equally noteworthy.

Leading the charge is New York, topping the charts as the foremost city for marijuana consumption, thanks to its legalization for recreational purposes in 2021. While Pennsylvania currently only permits medical marijuana, neighboring states like New Jersey and Delaware have embraced recreational legalization in recent times.

The study uncovers that Philadelphia residents collectively consume an average of 10.6 metric tons of marijuana annually, underscoring the considerable demand within the city.

When compared to other urban centers, Philadelphia stands out for its relatively affordable cannabis prices, averaging at $11 per gram. In contrast, Tokyo commands a significantly higher price of $33 per gram, positioning it as one of the costliest cities for cannabis enthusiasts.

On the flip side, Montreal, Canada, emerges as a budget-friendly destination for cannabis users, with an average price of $5.90 per gram. This diversity in pricing across different cities showcases the varying trends in marijuana consumption worldwide.

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