Ohio’s Search for Legal Marijuana: The 420 Conundrum

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As Ohioans eagerly await the arrival of 420, a significant day for cannabis enthusiasts, their excitement is dampened by the absence of legal recreational marijuana sales. Despite Ohio legalizing recreational marijuana in November, sales are not anticipated to commence until at least June.

For individuals without a medical marijuana card, options are limited. Federal law prohibits the transportation of marijuana across state lines, even between states where it’s legal. This means that any marijuana purchased legally must be consumed within the state of purchase to avoid legal issues.

To gauge the distances Ohioans must travel for legal marijuana, the Dispatch undertook an investigation spanning major cities in the state to locate the nearest recreational dispensaries.

In Columbus, the closest recreational dispensary is situated in Petersburg, Michigan, necessitating a 161-mile journey taking approximately two hours and forty-one minutes.

Cleveland residents must make their way to Monroe, Michigan, which is 133 miles away, requiring about two hours and five minutes of travel time.

In Cincinnati, although Morenci, Michigan, is technically the closest, the two dispensaries in Danville, Illinois, provide more accessible options, albeit requiring a three-hour drive spanning 202 miles.

Akron residents can reach Monroe, Michigan, in two hours and twenty-three minutes, covering a distance of 155 miles.

For those residing in Dayton, Morenci, Michigan, is the nearest option, located 147 miles away, with a travel time of two hours and forty-three minutes. Petersburg is slightly closer in terms of driving time, at two hours and thirty minutes, covering a distance of 168 miles.

Fortunately, the landscape may soon change. Ohio’s Division of Cannabis Control is poised to approve recreational licenses for numerous existing medical dispensaries as early as June, potentially eliminating the need for lengthy road trips to procure marijuana legally. Until then, Ohioans can only obtain legal marijuana with a medical marijuana card or by embarking on a road trip.

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