Zebra Still Missing in Washington State, Trailheads Closed

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Authorities in Washington state are still on the lookout for a zebra that escaped from a trailer last weekend. The incident occurred when four zebras broke free during transportation from Washington to Montana. While three were swiftly captured, the fourth, known as “Z,” remains at large.

The escape took place near North Bend, about 30 miles east of Seattle, surprising locals as the zebras galloped into a rural neighborhood. Despite efforts to corral them, Z managed to evade capture by jumping a fence.

Numerous sightings have been reported, including one as recent as Thursday. However, the elusive zebra continues to evade capture, prompting authorities to take action. Trailheads at the Snoqualmie Valley Trail in the Boxley Creek Natural Area have been closed in an attempt to keep people away and facilitate the zebra’s recapture.

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