Woman Taken to Hospital During Anti-Israel Protests at Columbia University

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As tensions flared at Columbia University, about 200 anti-Israel demonstrators continued their protests on Saturday, resulting in a woman being taken away on a stretcher by emergency responders. The incident unfolded amidst ongoing demonstrations following the arrest of over 100 students during a NYPD raid on the campus tent encampment.

Reports indicate that Columbia University EMS responded to a call for medical assistance from the grass field on campus, where a student required treatment. The student’s condition remains unclear, with photos showing fellow protesters using black umbrellas and tarps to shield her from view.

Despite recent arrests, the protests persisted vigorously, with chants, signs, and Palestinian flags waving in the air. Amidst the fervor, the NYPD made at least three additional arrests, citing disorderly conduct and a violation related to a sound reproduction device.

Among the chants of “Up, up with liberation. Down, down with occupation,” demands were voiced for justice and an end to the university’s ties with Israel. Protesters called for divestment from Israeli universities and an end to perceived censorship and intimidation of students advocating for Palestinian liberation.

The atmosphere was tense, with police officers in riot gear monitoring the demonstrations. Across the street, a small group of Israel supporters stood their ground, one reportedly facing fake blood after engaging with pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

Instances of confrontation emerged, with Avi Lichtschein recounting being surrounded by protesters shouting, “We don’t want no Zionists here!” Despite feeling targeted, Lichtschein expressed astonishment at the level of hatred displayed, emphasizing his pride in his Zionist identity.

The ongoing protests at Columbia University underscore the deep-seated divisions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the complexities of activism on college campuses. As tensions persist, calls for dialogue and understanding are crucial to address underlying issues and foster a peaceful resolution.

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