Virginia Beach Ranks 40th for Enjoyable Staycations

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If you’re itching for a quick getaway without the hassle of traveling far, Virginia Beach might just be calling your name. A recent study by WalletHub, which evaluated 182 cities to determine their staycation potential, placed Virginia Beach at a respectable 40th position, outshining over 75% of the cities examined.

While Orlando, Florida snagged the top spot, Virginia’s very own Richmond also outpaced Virginia Beach, landing at 34th on the list.

The study took a deep dive into various factors, considering everything from the abundance of dining and entertainment options to the overall tranquility and recreational activities each city had to offer.

Norfolk, another gem in the Commonwealth of Virginia, held its own, securing the 76th spot on the list and surpassing more than half of the cities in the study. Interestingly, Norfolk boasts one of the highest concentrations of tennis courts per capita among the cities surveyed, adding to its allure.

Whether you’re in the mood for laid-back beach vibes, mouthwatering culinary adventures, or a plethora of outdoor activities, Virginia Beach sets the stage for a memorable and rejuvenating staycation. So why not treat yourself to a local getaway and soak in all the pleasures without venturing too far from home?

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