Upcoming SNAP Benefits Distribution in Texas: What You Need to Know

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Residents of Texas enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can anticipate a fresh round of benefits heading their way soon. If you’ve been approved for SNAP benefits, it’s time to keep an eye on your bank account because a $1,000 payment could be on its way within hours.

Understanding SNAP Benefits Distribution

SNAP, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, extends assistance to eligible families and individuals based on income criteria. The benefit amount is determined by factors such as income and spending habits. According to the latest data from the USDA, approximately 41.9 million Americans, roughly 12.5% of the population, are expected to receive SNAP benefits in November 2022.

Distribution Process in Texas

It’s crucial for SNAP beneficiaries to understand that each state administers benefits differently. In Texas, distribution is organized based on the Eligibility Determination Group (EDG) number. Here’s the distribution schedule for the upcoming week:

  • April 21: EDG numbers 18-20 or 72-74
  • April 22: EDG numbers 21-24 or 75-78
  • April 23: EDG numbers 25–27 or 79–81
  • April 24: EDG numbers 28-31 or 82-85
  • April 25: EDG numbers 32–34 or 86–88
  • April 26: EDG numbers 35-38 or 89-92
  • April 27: EDG numbers 39–41, 46–49, and 93–95

Eligibility and Application

Residents seeking SNAP benefits can apply through local human services offices or state agencies. It’s essential to assess eligibility and provide any necessary updates, especially if there have been changes in income or expenses. Certain circumstances, such as age, disability, or significant medical bills, may impact eligibility.

SNAP Benefit Amounts

Qualified individuals in Texas will receive their SNAP benefits via electronic benefits transfer (EBT). The benefit amount is determined based on the number of family members:

  • 1 person: $291
  • 2 people: $535
  • 3 people: $766
  • 4 people: $973
  • 5 people: $1,155
  • 6 people: $1,386
  • 7 people: $1,532
  • 8 people: $1,751

Maximizing Benefits and Transactions

To ensure a smooth EBT transaction, beneficiaries should verify the date range and transaction day. There is no universal processing method, so it’s crucial to use accurate information, such as case numbers or Social Security Numbers, for successful transactions. Consider factors like expected dates and available items to maximize benefits.

Combining SNAP Benefits and Social Security

Individuals can receive both SNAP benefits and Social Security payments, including those through SSI and Medicare. While Social Security programs vary based on taxes paid, individuals may still be eligible for SNAP benefits if their combined income meets certain criteria. Understanding the requirements of each program is essential for maximizing benefits.

Key Differences Between SNAP and Social Security Benefits

Criteria SNAP Benefits Social Security Benefits
Type of benefit Only redeemable for predetermined products by the government Cash for retirement, disability, survivor, and SSI programs, and in-kind for Medicare
Eligibility Based on household income Based on income: SSI and Medicare
Duration Recertification may be required if eligibility persists Retirement and Medicare for life; SSI, disability, and survivor benefits contingent on continued eligibility
Cost No additional costs No additional costs except potential Medicare expenses


As SNAP beneficiaries in Texas await their upcoming benefits, understanding the distribution process, eligibility criteria, and ways to maximize benefits is essential. By staying informed and leveraging available resources, individuals can make the most of their nutritional assistance program benefits.

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