Two Strange Haunted Roads in Washington Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

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In the picturesque state of Washington, renowned for its verdant landscapes and lively cities, two peculiar roads challenge the principles of physics. Commonly known as “gravity hills,” these roads create a visual illusion that transforms uphill slopes into appearing as downhill slopes. Let’s explore the enigma surrounding these gravity-defying occurrences.

The Gravity Hill of Prosser

Situated in the quaint town of Prosser, the initial gravity hill sparks both fascination and eerie tales. According to local lore, if you park your car at the hill’s base and shift it to neutral, instead of rolling downhill as expected, your car will mysteriously start rolling uphill, seemingly defying gravity.

Legend has it that this peculiar happening is attributed to the ghost of a woman who perished in a car accident on this very hill. It is believed that the spirit of the woman propels vehicles uphill, aiming to prevent others from experiencing a similar fate.

The Spook Hill of North Bonneville

The second gravity hill, located in North Bonneville, is equally perplexing. Much like the Prosser hill, vehicles left in neutral on this hill also defy expectations by rolling uphill. Surrounding this hill are tales of a construction worker who was allegedly buried alive during the road’s construction. Some speculate that it is his spirit moving the cars uphill, attempting to signal for help.

Scientific Explanation

While the ghost stories add an element of excitement, the reality behind these gravity hills resides in the domain of science. These hills create optical illusions, where the surrounding landscape deceives our brains into perceiving uphill slopes as downhill. Despite the eerie tales, there is no actual violation of the laws of gravity.


The gravity hills of Prosser and North Bonneville serve as captivating examples of how our perception can be influenced by our surroundings. Whether you are a thrill-seeker chasing ghost stories or a curious explorer, these gravity-defying roads in Washington merit a visit. Always bear in mind that, while the experience may feel supernatural, the explanation is firmly grounded in the laws of physics.


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