Turkish Graphic Designer Linked to Controversial Trump Campaign Video

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A video shared on Donald Trump’s social media account has stirred controversy, with its use of the phrase “unified Reich” tracing back to a Turkish freelance graphic designer.

The video, initially posted and later removed by the Trump campaign, displayed hypothetical newspaper headlines under a hypothetical second Trump presidency. One headline, “What’s next for America,” included language reminiscent of Nazi Germany, notably the term “creation of a unified Reich.”

President Joe Biden swiftly condemned the reference, while the Trump campaign disavowed responsibility, attributing the reposting to a staffer who missed the controversial text.

The origins of the text point to Enes Şimşek, a 30-year-old graphic designer near Istanbul. In an interview with CNN, Şimşek explained that the phrase likely originated from placeholder text used in a collection of video templates he created in 2023. Despite being intended as temporary, the text found its way into the Trump campaign video, likely due to oversight.

Şimşek expressed surprise at his work being embroiled in American politics, emphasizing his distance from both American and Turkish political spheres.

Following the video’s circulation, Envato, the marketplace hosting the template, contacted Şimşek, prompting him to remove the controversial phrase. Despite penning a blog post to clarify the situation, Şimşek received no response from the Trump campaign.

While critics speculate on the video’s intent, citing Trump’s past allusions to Nazi imagery, Şimşek urged for restraint, underscoring his respect for the American people and disavowing any association with Nazism.

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