Trump Joins Raucous Jersey Shore Rally with Potential VP Contender

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Former President Donald Trump attended a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, with potential vice presidential contender Doug Burgum, creating quite a buzz. Despite New Jersey’s historical Democratic leanings, a large crowd gathered on the beach to listen to speeches by Trump and Burgum.

At the rally, Burgum highlighted Trump’s strengths and pointed out the perceived weaknesses of Joe Biden, encouraging undecided voters to back the Republican nominee.

Burgum’s attendance at the event sparked speculation about his potential as Trump’s running mate, especially after Trump dismissed rumours of considering Nikki Haley for the position.

Trump himself acknowledged Burgum’s importance, commending his expertise and advising him to prepare for an undisclosed matter.

The rally had a lively atmosphere, with Trump criticising President Biden and targeting Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney who is overseeing Trump’s criminal trial in New York.

Regardless of the debate surrounding crowd size estimates, the event represented Trump’s biggest campaign rally in the 2024 cycle, indicating his ongoing impact in blue states such as New Jersey.

Jeff Van Drew, a congressman who switched from the Democratic to the Republican party, also made an appearance, emphasising his decision to leave the Democratic Party and stating that its values no longer match those of previous generations.

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