Top Picks from Eater Editors This Week: June 24

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Exploring the vibrant culinary landscape of the city, Eater editors have uncovered some truly exceptional dishes this week. Here’s what stood out:

Plain Croissant at Pan Pan Vino Vino

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Pan Pan Vino Vino has been a hotspot since opening in March. While their renowned sesame seed and chocolate chunk cookie wasn’t available, I savored their delightful alternatives: yuzu blueberry bundt cake, guava cream cheese pastries, and nutty chocolate brownies.

But the standout for me was their plain croissant ($5). Baked to a perfect light brown, it’s wonderfully crisp, leaving a trail of delicious shards with every bite.

Seafood Tower at Strange Delight

At Strange Delight in Fort Greene, the menu boasts enticing options like the fried shrimp loaf on milk bread and hush puppies with cane-syrup butter. However, the highlight of our dining experience was the seafood tower ($140).

Loaded with raw oysters, shrimp cocktail, fish dip, shrimp remoulade, crudo, and more, it’s a lavish way to kick off a seafood feast. We even splurged on crudite, soft-boiled eggs, and extra dips, making it an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Mangu con Todo at El Castillo de Jagua

For a taste of traditional Dominican breakfast, El Castillo de Jagua on the Lower East Side is a must-visit. Their Mangu con Todo ($12) features two eggs prepared your way, accompanied by fried salami, fried Dominican cheese, pickled purple onions, and mangu—a delightful mash of plantains that steals the show.

Served diner-style from 8 a.m. onwards, it’s a true reflection of the Dominican Republic’s rich culinary heritage.
*113 Rivington Street, near Essex Street, Lower East Side — Robert Sietsema, senior critic*

Marinara Pizza at Una Pizza Napoletana

Una Pizza Napoletana on Orchard Street offers a dining experience like no other. Amidst a tantalizing array of dishes, the marinara pizza ($22) shines with its impeccable sauce, fragrant Italian oregano, and ethereal crust—a testament to Anthony Mangieri’s mastery. A definite must-try for pizza aficionados seeking perfection in every slice.

These dishes epitomize the finest offerings of the week in the city’s culinary scene. For more insider tips and reviews, stay tuned to Eater’s weekly updates.

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