This School has Been Named the Worst College in California

California, boasting more than 750 colleges, universities, and technical schools, provides a diverse array of educational institutions catering to students with varied career interests. However, not all of these establishments meet the expected standards of education.

According to Education.Alot, California College San Diego has secured the title of the worst college in the state.

Overview of California College San Diego

Founded in 1978, California College San Diego (CCSD) is a private institution located in San Diego. Presently, it has an enrollment of 1,299 students. Despite its lengthy history and sizable student body, CCSD has been deemed one of America’s worst schools by The College Scoreboard.

What Contributes to Its Negative Ranking?

CCSD’s poor standing is primarily attributed to its low graduation rates and high tuition costs. Currently, the institution boasts a graduation rate of only 36%, and the specific reasons behind this remain undisclosed. This could be attributed to competition from nearby schools or the elevated tuition costs.

Data indicates that students graduate with an average debt of $31,884. Two years post-graduation, only 79% of students have secured employment, with a median post-graduation salary of just $39,800 after six years.

Other Low-Ranked Colleges in California

While CCSD stands out as the worst, other institutions in California also have low rankings. These include California State University, Chico; California State University, Northridge; DeVry University; and American InterContinental University. These schools share characteristics such as low graduation rates, high student loan debt, and poor job placement rates.


Choosing a college is a significant decision that can impact a student’s future career and financial stability. Therefore, prospective students must conduct thorough research and carefully consider all their options before making a choice.

While certain colleges, like CCSD, may fall short in specific areas, California hosts numerous excellent institutions that provide high-quality education and better outcomes for their graduates.


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