This Restaurant in New Jersey’s That Has Been Named the Weirdest Restaurant

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For a distinctive and adventurous dining experience in New Jersey, consider a visit to Dark Side of the Moo. This Jersey City restaurant has earned the title of the weirdest dining establishment in the state from various media outlets, and rightfully so. Dark Side of the Moo specializes in exotic meats, including alligator, kangaroo, yak, and python, which can be enjoyed as burgers, hot dogs, tacos, or even ice cream. That’s correct—ice cream. The menu features intriguing flavors such as chocolate-covered cricket, bacon and maple, and spicy dark chocolate with cayenne pepper.

The Origins of Dark Side of the Moo

Founded by Evan Hennessey, a former chef with a desire to bring something unique and thrilling to the food scene, Dark Side of the Moo began as a food truck in 2012. Initially serving burgers made from grass-fed beef and bison, Hennessey recognized a demand for more exotic options. Consequently, he started sourcing meats globally and experimenting with various recipes and sauces, including the spicy ghost pepper mayo and blueberry barbecue sauce. In 2014, the brick-and-mortar restaurant in Jersey City opened its doors, continuing to serve its loyal customers and attract new ones.

What to Anticipate

A visit to Dark Side of the Moo promises a casual and friendly atmosphere infused with humor and whimsy. The restaurant’s decor features cow skulls, animal prints, and Star Wars memorabilia. The menu is thoughtfully categorized into sections like “The Light Side” (regular meats), “The Dark Side” (exotic meats), and “The Force” (vegetarian and vegan options). Additionally, patrons can choose from salads, soups, sides, and desserts. With reasonable prices ranging from $6 to $15 for most items, generous portions, and bold, delicious flavors, Dark Side of the Moo caters to a diverse range of preferences.

For the adventurous diner, popular dishes include the alligator hot dog, kangaroo burger, yak taco, or python chili. Furthermore, the locally crafted ice cream, made with natural ingredients, offers a variety of flavors, some of which are seasonal.

Why You Should Give It a Try

While Dark Side of the Moo may not be suitable for the faint of heart, it undoubtedly merits a try for those seeking a new and enjoyable experience. The unexpected deliciousness and tenderness of exotic meats paired with inventive sauces and toppings might surprise you. Additionally, exploring unique ice cream flavors or simply enjoying a good story can make your visit memorable. Dark Side of the Moo provides an opportunity to unleash your inner carnivore or Jedi and savor an unforgettable meal. So, why wait? May the Moo be with you!


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