This County in Utah was just Named One of the Best Places to Live in America

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Utah County, situated in the heart of the Beehive State, has recently gained recognition as one of the premier places to reside in the United States. This acknowledgment underscores the county’s flourishing communities, breathtaking natural landscapes, and a superior quality of life.

An Oasis for Nature Lovers

Utah County is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting Highland, a suburb of Salt Lake City, where a plethora of outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking can be enjoyed. Highland is conveniently located near major ski resorts in Utah, enhancing its appeal for adventure seekers. Moreover, the county’s natural allure extends beyond its borders, with the awe-inspiring Zion National Park and its 90 miles of backpacking and hiking trails just a short drive away.

Vibrant Communities

The communities within Utah County are as varied as they are inclusive. Highland, Cedar Hills, and Alpine stand out as highly-rated residential areas within the county. These towns provide a secure, family-friendly atmosphere along with excellent public schools. Cedar Hills, in particular, is renowned for its close-knit community and outstanding educational facilities.

Economic Prosperity and Advancement

Utah County is not just an exceptional place to live; it also offers promising opportunities for employment. Over the past few decades, the county has undergone significant growth and development, attracting a diverse array of professionals, ranging from tech enthusiasts to creative minds seeking to flourish in the state’s artistic hubs.


With its amalgamation of natural beauty, thriving communities, and economic potential, it comes as no surprise that Utah County has secured its place among the best living destinations in America. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a young professional, or a family seeking a settled environment, Utah County has something to offer everyone.


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