This Abandoned Town in Oregon Will Give You the Creeps

Oregon, a state renowned for its rich history and natural allure, harbors not only picturesque landscapes but also eerie, mysterious locations. One such place is Golden, an abandoned mining town nestled along Coyote Creek in Josephine County. Once a bustling community of gold miners and their families, Golden now stands as a haunting ghost town.

The Ascent and Decline of Golden

Founded in the 1840s by a group of prospectors who unearthed gold in the vicinity, Golden derived its name from one of the miners, Henry Golden. Flourishing in the 1890s with a population of around 200, the town boasted a school, church, post office, general store, saloon, and numerous cabins. The community even embraced religious diversity with both Methodist and Catholic churches.

However, Golden’s prosperity was short-lived. Exhaustion of gold deposits and natural calamities, including fires, floods, and landslides, led to the exodus of miners and the gradual decay of the town. By the 1920s, Golden was nearly deserted, ultimately succumbing to abandonment by the 1950s.

Echoes of the Past in Golden

Presently, Oregon State Parks maintain Golden as a historic site, inviting visitors to explore the remnants of this once-thriving town, including two churches, a schoolhouse, a cemetery, and some cabins. Yet, some visitors report encounters with apparitions of former residents who still linger, haunting the desolate streets.

Reported paranormal occurrences in Golden include:

  • Audible footsteps, voices, laughter, and music echoing through empty buildings
  • Apparitions of miners, children, and women in period clothing
  • Sensations of cold spots, breezes, and ethereal touches in the air
  • Fragrances of smoke, perfume, and food wafting through the atmosphere
  • Objects seemingly moved, misplaced, or missing
  • Technical malfunctions in equipment like cameras, phones, and flashlights

Notably, the two churches stand out as some of the most haunted spots, with visitors recounting sightings of glowing orbs, shadowy figures, and faces in the windows. The cemetery, too, remains a focal point for ghostly activities, with whispers, cries, and moans reported by those brave enough to venture there. Some graves even bear mysterious symbols like pentagrams, crosses, and circles.

Unraveling the Enigma of Golden

Golden, though chilling, beckons with a captivating blend of history and mystery. The reasons behind its abandonment and the identities of its ghostly inhabitants remain elusive. Speculations range from curses placed by displaced Native Americans to tales of violence, disease, and crime plaguing the town, with the ghosts as the tragic remnants.

Regardless of the uncertainties, Golden stands as an intriguing destination for those daring enough to explore. Learn more about its history at the Golden State Heritage Site or partake in a ghost tour guided by locals, but brace yourself for an encounter with some of Oregon’s most spine-chilling and haunted locales.


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