These 4 Cities in Hawaii Are the Most Unsafe, Says a Study

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Hawaii, known for its picturesque landscapes and tranquil beaches, also harbors some cities with high crime rates. This article highlights four of the most dangerous cities in Hawaii, examining the crime statistics and the risks faced by their residents and visitors.


Hilo, located on the Big Island, stands out as one of the most dangerous cities in Hawaii. With a population of around 45,600, it has crime rates a staggering 70% higher than the national average. Visitors and residents alike face an elevated risk, with a 1-in-23 chance of becoming a victim. Property crimes are rampant, making it crucial to exercise caution when exploring this area.


On Oahu, Waianae grapples with safety challenges. Its crime rate is 69% above the national average, affecting its 37,600 residents. While violent crime rates are lower, property crimes remain a concern. Authorities even advise people to stay home in the evenings and avoid the beaches due to safety issues.


Kahului, situated in Maui County, has a population of just over 30,000. It accounts for 12.18% of all daily crimes in Maui. Property crime rates are high, with 3,650 incidents per 100,000 residents. The violent crime rate is also elevated, standing at 371 per 100,000 individuals—54% higher than the national average.


Waipahu takes the title of the most dangerous city in Hawaii. Its crime rate of 3,709 incidents per 100,000 residents surpasses the national average by 44%. The chances of falling victim to a crime here are 1-in-27. Methamphetamine usage is widespread, contributing to the city’s disrepair and higher violent crime rates.


While Hawaii offers stunning beauty and rich culture, it is important to be aware of the safety challenges in certain cities. Hilo, Waianae, Kahului, and Waipahu all have significantly higher crime rates than the national average, necessitating caution for both residents and visitors. Understanding these risks can help ensure a safer experience in these areas.

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