The Story Behind This Haunted School in Illinois is Terrifying

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The Old Lincoln School in Jacksonville, Illinois, constructed in 1903 initially served as a high school before transforming into a junior high school until its closure in 1984. Named after Abraham Lincoln, who visited Jacksonville and delivered a speech in 1858, the school boasted Gothic Revival architecture, featuring a clock tower, stained glass windows, and spiral staircases. Its notable features also included a large auditorium that hosted various events like plays, concerts, and graduations.

Despite its architectural charm, the school had a dark history. Rumors circulated about several deaths on the premises, including a janitor who fell from the clock tower, a teacher who hanged herself in the auditorium, and a student who succumbed to a heart attack in the gym. Some speculated that the school was erected on a Native American burial ground, contributing to the reported paranormal activity.

Hauntings After Closure

Following its closure, the school remained abandoned and subjected to vandalism for years. Becoming a popular site for urban explorers, ghost hunters, and thrill seekers, the deserted building attracted those seeking to encounter the haunted school.

Numerous reports surfaced of strange phenomena within the school, including voices, footsteps, laughter, screams, doors slamming, lights flickering, and objects moving. Witnesses also claimed to have seen apparitions of the janitor, the teacher, the deceased student, and other ghostly figures.

One particularly chilling incident occurred in 2007 when a group of friends visited the school. Entering the auditorium, they discovered a noose hanging from the ceiling. What started as a prank turned tragic when they placed the noose around a friend’s neck, only for it to tighten unexpectedly. Efforts to cut the thick rope were futile, and attempts to call for help failed due to no signal on their phones. The friend tragically died in front of them. Astonishingly, the noose had not been present when they entered the auditorium; it seemingly materialized out of nowhere.

Demise of the School

In 2014, the school met its ultimate fate and was demolished after enduring years of neglect and decay. While some mourned the loss of the historic structure, others were relieved that the haunted school was no more.

Yet, skeptics argue that the demolition failed to terminate the hauntings. They believe the spirits of the school still linger in the vicinity, potentially attaching themselves to visitors. Some even assert that the debris emits a sinister energy, palpable to those passing by.

Whether one believes in the paranormal or not, the tale of this haunted Illinois school is undeniably terrifying. It weaves a narrative of death, mystery, and horror that is sure to send shivers down your spine.


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