The Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in Wyoming is Terrifying

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Wyoming is renowned for its natural beauty, yet it also harbors a dark and enigmatic past. Among the notable haunted locations in the state is the Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, operational since 1911. The hotel boasts a history of hosting distinguished guests like Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Ernest Hemingway, but it has also welcomed less desirable inhabitants, including ghosts, spirits, and demons.

The Ghostly Presence of Rosie

One of the well-known spirits that linger within the Plains Hotel is Rosie, a young woman whose life was tragically cut short by her husband in room 444. Legend has it that Rosie and her spouse chose the hotel for their honeymoon, but their joy was short-lived. Upon discovering Rosie’s infidelity, her husband, consumed by anger, shot her before turning the weapon on himself.

Rosie’s apparition is said to traverse the hotel corridors, searching for her lost love. Guests have reported hearing her footsteps, glimpsing her shadow, or sensing her chilling touch. Some claim she enjoys manipulating lights, TVs, or phones in their rooms, while others have witnessed her spectral figure, adorned in a white dress and veil, near the window or by the bed.

The Malevolent Presence in the Basement

Another ominous entity within the Plains Hotel is a demon residing in the basement. Once a speakeasy during Prohibition, the basement later served as a casino and nightclub, hosting illicit activities like gambling, drinking, prostitution, and murder. Believers suggest that these sins have opened a portal to hell, unleashing a demonic force that thrives on negative energy.

The demon is reputed to be hostile and aggressive, attacking those who dare to enter its realm. Staff members have reported hearing growls, screams, or laughter emanating from the basement, along with sudden drops in temperature, foul odors, or an overwhelming sense of dread. Some have claimed to witness the demon’s red eyes, horns, or claws, or experienced scratches, bites, or punches. A few even recount instances of possession, leading to violent or peculiar behavior.

Guided Tours Through Haunted History

For those daring enough to explore the Plains Hotel, engaging in one of the haunted history tours offered by the hotel staff is an option. These tours lead participants to the hotel’s most haunted locations, including room 444, the basement, and the ballroom, recounting the stories and legends associated with each. Participants also have the opportunity to use ghost hunting equipment such as EMF meters, EVP recorders, and thermal cameras in an attempt to capture evidence of the paranormal.

The haunted history tours operate nightly from 8 pm to 10 pm and cost $25 per person. Bookings can be made online, by phone, or at the front desk. However, a word of caution: these tours are not suitable for the faint of heart, and unexpected encounters with otherworldly guests may occur. Are you prepared to confront the chilling tales of the Plains Hotel?


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