The Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in Iowa is Terrifying

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Iowa is a state that is known for its cornfields, friendly people, and rich history. But did you know that it also has some of the most haunted hotels in the country? One of them is the Hotel Ottumwa, a historic landmark that has been operating since 1917. The hotel has seen many guests over the years, some of whom never checked out. Here is the story behind this haunted hotel in Iowa and why it is so terrifying.

The History of Hotel Ottumwa

The Hotel Ottumwa was built in 1917 by a group of local businessmen who wanted to create a luxurious and modern hotel for the growing city of Ottumwa. The hotel was designed by the famous architect Henry F. Starbuck, who also designed the Iowa State Capitol.

The hotel featured 300 rooms, a ballroom, a restaurant, a bar, and a rooftop garden. It was considered one of the finest hotels in the Midwest and attracted many celebrities, politicians, and businessmen.

The hotel also witnessed some tragic events, such as fires, suicides, and murders. One of the most notorious incidents happened in 1923, when a man named Frank Miller shot and killed his wife and then himself in room 327. The motive for the murder-suicide was never clear, but some speculate that it was due to jealousy or financial troubles.

Another incident happened in 1948, when a woman named Helen Johnson jumped from the eighth floor window and landed on the sidewalk below. She was reportedly depressed and had a history of mental illness.

The Hauntings of Hotel Ottumwa

Over the years, many guests and staff have reported paranormal activity at the Hotel Ottumwa. Some of the most common phenomena include:

Hearing strange noises, such as footsteps, knocking, whispering, and heavy breathing, especially in the hallways and the basement.

Seeing shadowy figures and apparitions, such as a man in a suit, a woman in a white gown, and a face in the darkness.

Feeling cold spots, drafts, and touches, especially in the rooms where the deaths occurred.

Experiencing electrical malfunctions, such as lights flickering, TVs turning on and off, and phones ringing with no one on the other end.

Smelling strange odors, such as perfume, smoke, and blood.

Some of the most haunted rooms in the hotel are room 327, where the murder-suicide took place, room 414, where a man died of a heart attack, and room 505, where a woman hanged herself. Many guests have reported feeling uneasy, nauseous, or scared in these rooms. Some have even claimed to see the ghosts of the deceased, who appear either angry, sad, or confused.

The Conclusion

The Hotel Ottumwa is a historic and beautiful hotel that offers a comfortable and elegant stay for its guests. However, it also has a dark and sinister side that makes it one of the most haunted hotels in Iowa. The hotel is said to be home to several restless spirits who have not found peace in the afterlife. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, you might want to think twice before booking a room at this haunted hotel in Iowa. You never know who or what might be waiting for you.

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