The Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in Georgia is Terrifying

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Georgia is a state rich in history and culture, but also in ghost stories and haunted places. Among the many spooky locations in Georgia, one stands out as particularly terrifying: the 17Hundred90 Inn in Savannah. This historic hotel has been the site of numerous paranormal phenomena, from apparitions and voices to objects moving and doors slamming. But what is the story behind this haunted hotel, and who are the restless spirits that haunt its rooms?

The History of the 17Hundred90 Inn

The 17Hundred90 Inn is the oldest hotel in Savannah, and one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was built in 1790 as a boarding house and tavern, and later became a hotel in the 1820s. The hotel has witnessed many events in Savannah’s history, such as the Civil War, the yellow fever epidemic, and the Great Fire of 1820. The hotel has also hosted many famous guests, such as James Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia, and Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general.

The hotel is named after the year it was built, but also after the address of its original location: 1790 East Broad Street. The hotel was moved to its current location at 307 East President Street in 1915, when the city decided to widen East Broad Street. The hotel was carefully dismantled and reassembled, preserving its original architecture and charm.

The Hauntings of the 17Hundred90 Inn

The 17Hundred90 Inn is said to be haunted by several ghosts, but the most famous one is Anna, a young woman who allegedly died at the hotel in the early 1800s. According to legend, Anna was the wife of the hotel’s owner, a cruel and abusive man who forced her to marry him. Anna fell in love with a sailor who stayed at the hotel, and planned to run away with him. However, her husband discovered her affair and killed the sailor. Anna, heartbroken and desperate, threw herself from the window of room 204, where she and her lover had met.

Anna’s ghost is said to haunt room 204, as well as the rest of the hotel. Guests and staff have reported seeing her apparition, hearing her footsteps and cries, feeling her cold touch, and smelling her perfume. Anna is also known to move objects, turn on and off lights and faucets, and play with the piano in the hotel’s restaurant. Some guests have even claimed that Anna has cuddled with them in bed, or left a note on the mirror saying “Anna loves you”.

Another ghost that haunts the 17Hundred90 Inn is Thaddeus, a young boy who died of yellow fever at the hotel in the 19th century. Thaddeus is said to haunt the third floor, where he likes to play pranks on guests and staff. He is known to knock on doors, hide items, and giggle in the hallways. Thaddeus is also fond of the hotel’s cat, who often follows him around.

Other ghosts that have been reported at the hotel include a woman in a white dress, a man in a black suit, and a soldier in a blue uniform. Some guests have also experienced strange sensations, such as feeling watched, touched, or pushed, or hearing whispers, screams, or gunshots.

The Conclusion

The 17Hundred90 Inn is a historic hotel that offers more than just a comfortable stay. It also offers a glimpse into Savannah’s past, and a chance to encounter some of its ghostly residents. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, you will surely find the 17Hundred90 Inn a fascinating and frightening place to visit. Just be prepared to share your room with Anna, Thaddeus, or one of the other spirits that haunt the hotel. You might even get a note from Anna, saying that she loves you.

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