The Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in Connecticut is Terrifying

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Connecticut, renowned for its history and scenic beauty, harbors spine-chilling tales of the supernatural, with one particularly hair-raising story centered around a local haunted hotel.

The Snedeker Family and Their Connecticut Nightmare

The narrative unfolds in 1986 when the Snedeker family relocated to a historic residence at 208 Meriden Avenue in Southington, Connecticut. Seeking proximity to UConn hospital for their son Philip’s Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment, the family believed they had found an ideal home. However, their stroke of luck swiftly transformed into a nightmarish ordeal. The family encountered paranormal phenomena, including sightings, unexplained sounds, sleep disturbances, and violent personality shifts. This authentic account later inspired a bone-chilling Hollywood horror film.

Hotel Bond: Echoes of a Haunted Past

Another eerie locale in Connecticut is the former Hotel Bond, once a hotspot for the elite to revel in downtown Hartford during the prohibition era. Today, a local businesswoman is resurrecting its haunted history with “Hauntings at the Bond,” a Halloween celebration featuring ghost tours and 1920s-themed parties.

This event immerses participants in live-action reenactments, recounting the tales of Etta Mae Downing, who reportedly met her end after being married at the hotel, and John Powers, a worker whose life was tragically cut short in an elevator accident.


These unsettling narratives stand as echoes of Connecticut’s haunted legacy. Whether it’s the harrowing ordeals of the Snedeker family or the spectral encounters at the Hotel Bond, these stories captivate and terrify those bold enough to explore the state’s paranormal history.

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