The Oregon City Said to Be the “Roachiest” Has Also Been Named Among Its “Dirtiest”

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Situated in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, amidst lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, is an Oregon city that has recently garnered attention. Recognized for its vibrant culture and storied history, the city has earned the dubious distinction of being dubbed the “Roachiest” and has also been labeled among the “Dirtiest.”

The “Roachiest” City

The term “Roachiest” points to the city’s significant issue with cockroaches, which have become a common presence in residences, businesses, and public areas. Residents express discomfort and concern as the city’s damp climate and aging buildings create optimal conditions for these pests to flourish.

Among the “Dirtiest”

Beyond its roach predicament, the city finds itself listed among the “Dirtiest,” a title attributed to its challenges in waste management and cleanliness. Streets strewn with litter, overflowing garbage bins, and neglected public spaces contribute to the city’s undesirable reputation.

The Impact

These designations have profoundly affected the city’s image and its residents’ quality of life. Roach infestations pose health risks, while the overall lack of cleanliness negatively influences the city’s appeal to both tourists and potential residents.

The Response

In addressing these concerns, the city has initiated efforts to enhance cleanliness and control the roach population. Strategies include intensified waste management initiatives, public awareness campaigns, and measures for pest control.


Despite grappling with these challenges, the city retains its natural beauty and cultural richness. The aspiration is that through collaborative efforts and community engagement, it can shed these unfavorable titles and persist as a city that residents take pride in calling home.


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