The Most Delicious And Inexpensive Lunch In New Jersey

New Jersey boasts a rich tapestry of diverse and scrumptious culinary offerings. However, discovering a satisfying lunch spot that won’t strain your wallet can prove challenging. Fortunately, there are some hidden culinary treasures in the state that serve both delightful and reasonably priced meals. Here are some of the finest places to enjoy an economical and tasty lunch in New Jersey.

Tony Boloney’s

If your taste buds crave a pizza experience with a twist, Tony Boloney’s is the place to be. This pizzeria specializes in creative and unconventional toppings. Choose from their signature pies like the Taco Pizza, Ramen Pizza, or Mac and Cheese Pizza, or craft your custom slice. Tony Boloney’s also offers subs, salads, and snacks made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. A slice of pizza costs around $4, and a whole pie ranges from $18 to $30, depending on size and toppings.

Mamoun’s Falafel

For a wholesome and satisfying lunch, Mamoun’s Falafel, a Middle Eastern establishment serving authentic and delicious food since 1971, is an excellent choice. Indulge in their renowned falafel sandwiches, boasting a crispy exterior and a moist interior, or explore other specialties like shawarma, hummus, baba ganouj, or tabbouleh. Mamoun’s Falafel also caters to vegetarians and vegans, preparing everything fresh daily. A falafel sandwich costs only $4, and a platter with salad and pita bread costs $9.

White Manna Hamburgers

For a classic American burger experience, White Manna Hamburgers, a retro diner in operation since 1946, serves up juicy and flavorful burgers. Opt for a single or double burger, with or without cheese, and customize it with toppings like onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, or ketchup. White Manna Hamburgers also offers reasonably priced sides like fries, onion rings, hot dogs, and milkshakes. A single burger costs $1.50, and a double burger costs $2.50.

El Tule

For a spicy and satisfying lunch, El Tule, a Mexican and Peruvian restaurant, offers a diverse menu from tacos and burritos to ceviche and lomo saltado. Explore their daily specials, such as chicken soup, fish stew, or pork chops. El Tule’s salsa bar allows you to elevate your meal with choices like verde, roja, or habanero. A taco costs $2.50, and a burrito costs $8.

Bagel Nook

For a lunch that satisfies your sweet and savory cravings, visit Bagel Nook, a bagel shop renowned for its innovative and delicious bagels. Choose from regular options like plain, sesame, or everything, or indulge in specialty bagels such as Oreo, French toast, or rainbow. Customize your bagel with various cream cheese options like bacon cheddar, Nutella, or cookie dough. A regular bagel costs $1.25, and a specialty bagel costs $3.50.


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