The Best County to Raise a Family in Pennsylvania Has Been Revealed

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Looking for the ideal spot to raise a family can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Every parent wants to provide their kids with the best environment possible, but with so many factors to consider—from schools to safety to recreational options—it can be overwhelming.

To make things easier, we’ve gathered data from Niche to pinpoint the top family-friendly communities in Pennsylvania. Niche ranks these areas based on factors like cost of living, quality of education, healthcare availability, recreational opportunities, and even the weather.

Let’s take a look at some standout neighborhoods:

1. Chesterbrook

Chesterbrook takes the lead with its top-notch public schools and thriving community vibe. From diverse housing options to plenty of activities for all ages, it’s a dream spot for families.

2. Penn Wynne

With its stellar public schools and strong sense of community, Penn Wynne is a magnet for families. High rates of homeownership and access to quality amenities add to its appeal.

3. Devon

For those seeking luxury living, Devon fits the bill with its gorgeous homes and top-tier schools. The high median home value speaks to its desirability, while its family-friendly atmosphere seals the deal.

4. Narberth

Narberth charms with its small-town feel and big-city perks. Walkable streets, great schools, and a close-knit community make it a top choice for families.

5. Berwyn

Berwyn’s scenic setting and top-rated schools make it a suburban paradise for families. Plus, its strong sense of community and abundance of parks ensure there’s always something to do.

6. Ardmore

Ardmore offers a mix of housing options and a convenient location near Philadelphia. Families love its excellent schools and vibrant cultural scene.

7. Swarthmore

Swarthmore shines with its educated population and top-notch schools. Tree-lined streets and historic charm make it a family favorite.

8. Marshall Township

Marshall Township stands out for its safety and green spaces, perfect for families seeking peace of mind. Add in top-rated schools and a tight-knit community, and it’s no wonder families flock here.

9. Houserville

Houserville welcomes families with open arms, offering excellent schools and affordable housing. It’s the perfect blend of community and value.

10. Aspinwall

Aspinwall’s convenient location and wealth of amenities make it a hit with families. Add in top schools and a strong sense of community, and it’s clear why so many choose to call it home.

These are just a handful of the family-friendly communities Pennsylvania has to offer. Whether you prioritize schools, safety, or recreational opportunities, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your family in the Keystone State.

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