Survey Reveals Most Hated Roads in the US, Pennsylvania Turnpike Among Them

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In a recent survey polling 3,000 drivers, the Pennsylvania Turnpike emerged as one of the most detested highways in the United States, securing the fourth spot on the list.

But the Turnpike isn’t alone in facing the ire of drivers; other roads in the region share similar disdain. Route 1 in Delaware, particularly around Dover, and the Garden State Parkway also made it to the top 10 list of most hated highways.

What makes the Pennsylvania Turnpike so disliked? It’s a combination of factors, including heavy congestion, unpredictable traffic patterns, and toll plazas, especially in bustling areas like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Similarly, Route 1 and the Garden State Parkway suffer from summertime traffic, exacerbated by beachgoers heading to the shore.

Taking the top three spots for most loathed highways are all Californian roads: U.S. 101, I-5, and I-405, notorious for their traffic snarls and bottlenecks. Colorado’s I-70 completes the top five ranking.

Further down the list, New Jersey’s I-80, known for its congestion near the New York border and in urban centers, secures the 25th spot. Meanwhile, the section of I-95 in and around Philadelphia sits at 29th place due to its perpetually heavy traffic.

This survey, conducted by Gunther Volvo Cars Daytona Beach in October, sheds light on the frustrations and challenges faced by drivers nationwide when navigating these often congested and stressful roadways.

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