Spanish Tourists Killed in Afghanistan Gun Attack

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In a tragic turn of events, three Spanish tourists met their untimely demise in a violent gun attack in the central Afghan city of Bamiyan, as confirmed by Spanish government officials.

According to reports from Afghan authorities, the attack also claimed the life of an Afghan national, while leaving four other foreigners and three Afghans wounded.

Although no group has claimed responsibility for the assault, Abdul Mateen Qani, spokesperson for the Afghan interior ministry, revealed that four individuals have been detained in connection with the incident.

Expressing condemnation, Mr. Qani conveyed the Taliban government’s denouncement of the act and offered condolences to the families of the victims. He assured that efforts are underway to identify and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez expressed shock and grief on social media, extending condolences to the bereaved families and friends. He reassured that the Spanish government is closely monitoring the situation and stands ready to provide consular assistance.

Spain’s foreign ministry confirmed that at least one Spanish national was among those injured in the attack.

Bamiyan, renowned for its scenic mountains and UNESCO World Heritage Site, was once home to majestic Buddha statues destroyed by the Taliban in 2001. Despite this grim past, the Taliban, since regaining control in 2021, has pledged to bolster security and attract tourists to the region. The Taliban government even facilitates visits to the site of the demolished Buddha statues.

However, Afghanistan continues to grapple with security challenges despite these efforts. While the civil war ostensibly ended with the Taliban’s resurgence, the Islamic State group remains active, perpetrating attacks not only against the Taliban but also fomenting anti-Taliban insurgency across the country.

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