Schools Explore AI for Gun Detection Amid Push for State Funds

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Kansas is considering allocating up to $5 million in grants for schools to enhance surveillance cameras with artificial intelligence (AI) systems designed to identify individuals carrying firearms. However, the utilization of these funds hinges on approval from the governor and adherence to specific eligibility requirements.

The proposed AI software must possess a patent and be categorized as “qualified anti-terrorism technology.” Additionally, it must comply with designated security industry standards and demonstrate deployment across at least 30 states.

Moreover, the system should have the capability to detect three primary firearm classifications and a minimum of 300 subclassifications, along with at least 2,000 permutations.

Presently, only one company, ZeroEyes, fulfills all the outlined criteria. ZeroEyes, established by military veterans in response to the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, has emerged as a leading provider in this domain.

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