Rising Eviction Filings in Washington: Pandemic Protections Wane, Crisis Deepens with Surge

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In a surprising development, landlords in Washington state initiated nearly twice as many eviction cases in October compared to the previous year.

This significant increase follows the expiration of the state’s final pandemic renter protections, leaving tenants vulnerable and in need of assistance.

As eviction filings surge from Seattle to Spokane, tenants, attorneys, and legal advocates grapple with the unprecedented challenges posed by the housing crisis.

The Numbers

Data from the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Office of Civil Legal Aid reveals that landlords in King, Snohomish, and Clark counties filed over twice as many eviction cases in October as they did a year ago.

This surge is not limited to these areas, with Pierce and Spokane counties witnessing a 60% or more increase in eviction filings. King County, in particular, experienced a staggering monthly total of 600 eviction cases in October, marking the highest figure in at least seven years.

End of Protections

The recent rise in eviction cases represents a departure from the previous year when some pandemic protections were still in place, and filings remained below pre-pandemic levels.

With the expiration of the final protections, including requirements for landlords to offer payment plans and attempt mediation before eviction, the housing landscape has seen a notable uptick in cases during the spring and summer months.

Impact on Tenants and Legal Resources

As landlords pursue eviction cases more frequently, tenants find themselves facing a nightmare scenario. Edmund Witter, senior managing attorney for the Housing Justice Project in King County, describes the situation as dire, with his organization handling 30 to 40 eviction cases simultaneously. The overwhelming caseload has prompted a strategic shift, focusing on tenants further along in the eviction process due to the growing number of cases.

Legal advocates and attorneys are stretched thin, with tenants scrambling for assistance amid dwindling financial support. The situation emphasizes the urgent need for relief measures, prompting legal advocates to appeal to state lawmakers for intervention.


The surge in eviction cases in Washington state highlights the challenges faced by tenants, legal professionals, and advocates as the last vestiges of pandemic renter protections vanish. With the housing crisis reaching unprecedented levels, policymakers must take urgent action to address the immediate needs of tenants and prevent a deeper humanitarian crisis in the months to come.


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