Promising Boxer’s Tragic End in DC: Mentor and Hopeful Career Cut Short

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A young professional boxer, known for mentoring aspiring boxers, was fatally shot in a Northwest D.C. parking garage early Sunday, according to his father who spoke to News4.

Anwar Wingate, 24, was described by his father, Rafael Board, as affectionate and deeply caring for younger boxers. The incident occurred in a parking garage on 8th Street NW, and the police are actively searching for the shooter while investigating the motive.

Expressing regret, Board mentioned that he wished his son had stayed home that night, emphasizing that Anwar had made an unfortunate choice by going to a place he shouldn’t have been.

Board, who also coached his son, highlighted the significance of boxing as a means of escape. He stated, “It meant a lot to him because I think it meant a lot to me, too, and he understood that it was a way out from everything else.


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