Pennsylvania Man Convicted of Kidnapping and Murder in Nevada Desert

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A Pennsylvania man has been found guilty of a horrific crime in a Nevada desert, where he kidnapped and ultimately suffocated his girlfriend. John Matthew Chapman, 44, was convicted by a jury in U.S. District Court in Nevada of one count of kidnapping resulting in death.

Chapman’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for August 2, where he faces the possibility of life in prison for his heinous actions.

Authorities have refrained from disclosing the identity of the victim. However, they revealed that Chapman, after committing the murder in September 2019, assumed the identity of the victim on her Facebook messenger account and even took up residence in her home.

Suspicion arose among the woman’s neighbors in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, when they noticed Chapman’s presence around the house despite not seeing the woman or her vehicle for months.

A welfare check by the police uncovered damning evidence, including identification cards with Chapman’s name and photo, the victim’s cellphone, zip ties, and a roll of duct tape.

Prosecutors disclosed that Chapman deceived the victim by leading her to believe they were embarking on a road trip to Las Vegas for a photo shoot. Instead, he transported her to a remote area in the Nevada desert, where he bound and suffocated her. Chapman reportedly confessed to killing her in pursuit of her money.

The Associated Press reached out to Chapman’s attorneys for comment, but no response was received at the time of reporting.

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