5 Mississippi Cannabis Laws You Definitely Need to Know!

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In 2022, Mississippi took a significant step in healthcare by legalizing medical marijuana through the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act.

While this marked a positive stride for patients with recognized medical conditions, the state maintains a cautious approach toward recreational use.

This article navigates through Mississippi’s cannabis landscape, highlighting the nuances of medical legalization, recreational constraints, possession penalties, purchase limits, and consumption restrictions.

1. Legalization of Medical Marijuana

In 2022, Mississippi legalized medical marijuana through the approval of the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act (SB 2095). The law, signed in February of that year, permits individuals with recognized medical conditions and an authorized medical card to purchase up to 3 ounces per month.

2. Recreational Marijuana Status

Recreational marijuana remains illegal in Mississippi. However, the state has decriminalized first-time possession offenses involving 30 grams or less. While use and possession are still against the law, a conviction for this offense does not carry the possibility of a jail sentence.

3. Possession Penalties

Penalties for marijuana possession in Mississippi vary based on the quantity and the number of offenses. For example, a first offense of possessing 30 grams or less results in a $250 fine, while a second offense may lead to a fine plus 5 to 60 days of imprisonment. Possession of over 30 grams can result in 1 to 3 years in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

4. Limits on Medical Marijuana Purchases

According to the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act, cardholders can buy up to 6 Mississippi Medical Cannabis Equivalency Units (MMCEUs) weekly from dispensaries or a combination of them. Within a thirty-day period, a cardholder cannot exceed a total of 24 MMCEUs from dispensaries or a combination of them.

5. Consumption Restrictions

Consuming medical cannabis is prohibited in public places and in motor vehicles. Mississippi’s medical marijuana laws strictly prohibit operating any motor vehicle, aircraft, train, or boat while consuming or being impaired by medical marijuana.

These are the key points to remember regarding Mississippi’s cannabis laws. Always stay informed and adhere to your state’s regulations.


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