Missing New Mexico Infant Found Safe, Suspect in Custody: FBI

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A 10-month-old infant, Eleia Maria Torres, who was abducted from a park in New Mexico following the tragic deaths of her mother and another woman, has been located, the FBI announced Monday morning. The suspect in her disappearance is now in custody.

The circumstances surrounding Eleia’s recovery and her current condition have not been disclosed by authorities. However, her 5-year-old sister, who was also at the park during the incident, was found injured and is currently receiving medical treatment.

The alarming situation unfolded when police responded to a call reporting the discovery of two deceased women at a park near Covis, New Mexico. Both women, identified as Samantha Cisneros (Eleia’s mother) and Taryn Allen, were found with apparent gunshot wounds.

During the investigation, officers found evidence suggesting the presence of a young child, including an infant car seat, stroller, and baby bottle at the scene. Through interviews with family members, it was determined that Eleia Maria Torres was the missing child.

The FBI has been assisting local authorities in the investigation, and Special Agent Raul Bujanda assured the public of their commitment to finding Eleia and bringing those responsible for the tragic events to justice.

Details regarding Eleia’s well-being and the identity of the suspect have not been released at this time.

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