Michiganders May Help Curb the Spread of Invasive Insects by Following These Tips

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Invasive insects are like unwanted guests wreaking havoc on Michigan’s environment, putting native plants and animals at risk. But fear not! There are simple steps each of us can take to help keep these pests in check and preserve our beloved natural spaces.

1. Stay Informed: Get to know the troublemakers, like the spotted lanternfly, and report any sightings using tools like Michigan’s “Eyes in the Field” system.

2. Gear TLC: Give your outdoor gear some love by giving it a good clean. This prevents sneaky insects from hitching a ride to new areas.

3. Vehicle Check: Keep your wheels clean! Regularly tidy up your vehicles, trailers, and gear to avoid stowaway pests on your travels.

4. Furniture Check-Up: Don’t forget about your lawn furniture! Give it a once-over regularly, especially before moving it, to make sure no insects are along for the ride.

5. Boat Buddy: If you’re hitting the water, follow the rules! Clean, drain, and dry your boats and equipment to stop aquatic invaders from spreading.

6. Firewood Wisdom: Keep firewood local. Don’t transport it from afar; instead, buy it where you plan to burn it. This helps prevent pests from infesting new areas.

7. Dispose Wisely: When it’s time to say goodbye to infested materials, do it right. Follow state guidelines and reach out to local experts if you need advice.

8. Plant & Soil Smarts: Don’t be a carrier! Avoid moving plants or soil between regions to prevent spreading unwanted guests. When in doubt, seek guidance from local experts.

9. Keep Learning: Stay curious! Attend webinars, like those offered by NotMISpecies, and consider lending a hand to local groups working to tackle invasive species.

By taking these simple steps, we can all pitch in to protect Michigan’s natural beauty and diversity from invasive insects. And if you spot one of these troublemakers, don’t hesitate to report it to the authorities. Together, we can make a difference!

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