Michigan Ranks at the Top for Affordable New Housing

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Michigan, also known as the Great Lakes State, is gaining attention for its cost-effective housing market. A recent Finance Buzz article reveals that Michigan is ranked as the second most affordable state in the U.S. for purchasing or constructing a new home.

The Allure of New Homes

The aspiration to own a freshly built house often appears unattainable for many middle-class Americans. Nevertheless, in Michigan, this dream is becoming more achievable. New homes present several advantages over older ones. They are more likely to adhere to building codes, devoid of harmful substances like lead, and offer a blank canvas for homeowners to customize.

Affordability in Michigan

Michigan stands out in terms of affordability. The average home cost in the state is approximately $233K, which is around $85K less than the national average. This makes it feasible for potential homeowners interested in new homes to find what they’re seeking at a reasonable price.

Top Affordable Cities in Michigan

For those contemplating a move to Michigan to acquire or construct their dream home, here are some of the most affordable cities:

  • Jackson: Tops the list with a home price to income ratio of 1.93, offering local parks and a military history museum.
  • Mount Morris: A small township also boasting a home price to income ratio of 1.93.
  • Battle Creek: Situated along the Battle Creek River and Kalamazoo River, with a home price to income ratio of 2.05.
  • Burton: Known for the For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum, Burton has a home price to income ratio of 2.09.
  • Kalamazoo: A thriving city with a home price to income ratio of 2.55.


Michigan’s affordable housing market is turning the dream of owning a new home into reality for many Americans. Whether you’re interested in purchasing an existing new home or building one from scratch, Michigan provides a variety of options that are both attractive and budget-friendly.


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