Kroger Closes Food Halls Abruptly: Unveiling Mysteries

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Shoppers who appreciated the convenience of getting groceries and hot meals in one place at Kroger might be disappointed to hear that Kitchen United has closed all seven of its food halls within Kroger stores. Kitchen United, known for operating ghost kitchens, confirmed the closures as it shifts its focus to its software business.

While Kroger also confirmed the closures, they did not provide additional reasons. This sudden shutdown is unexpected, especially considering that Kitchen United raised $100 million from investors, including Kroger, just last year.

The closed locations were spread across Texas, Ohio, and Indiana. Currently, Kroger does not host any other types of ghost kitchens or food courts.

Customers in these areas will now need to find alternative options for their takeout meals. The closure of Kitchen United’s food halls inside Kroger stores is disappointing for loyal shoppers who valued the combination of grocery shopping and ready-to-eat meals in one convenient location.

Kitchen United, recognized for its operation of ghost kitchens, has decided to close these seven food halls and pivot towards its software business.

While both Kitchen United and Kroger have confirmed the closures, Kroger has not provided specific reasons for this sudden move. This unforeseen shutdown is particularly surprising given that Kitchen United successfully raised a significant amount of money, including investment from Kroger, totaling $100 million just last year.

With closures impacting locations in Texas, Ohio, and Indiana, Kroger customers in these areas will now have to explore alternative options for their takeout meals.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Kroger currently does not host any other ghost kitchens or food courts, leaving shoppers with limited choices for a convenient combination of groceries and ready-made meals. As a result, affected customers may need to adapt their shopping habits or explore other local options to satisfy their needs for both groceries and grab-and-go meals.


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