Kristi Noem’s Book Controversy: Missteps and Corrections

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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s upcoming memoir, “No Going Back,” has stirred controversy over various claims, including an anecdote about her encounter with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and an interaction with former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Noem’s spokesperson acknowledged these discrepancies as “errors” that will be rectified in future editions. In her book, Noem recounts a meeting with Kim Jong Un during her tenure as a congresswoman, alongside interactions with other world leaders.

However, her spokesperson clarified that Kim Jong Un’s inclusion in the list of leaders was a mistake, as the meeting didn’t occur. The statement didn’t elaborate on why Noem detailed the purported encounter.

Additionally, Noem describes a conversation with Haley in the summer of 2021, where Haley allegedly offered mentorship but was perceived by Noem as a threat.

However, her spokesperson clarified that the timeline was muddled, with the actual conversation occurring in 2020. Haley’s spokesperson confirmed this discrepancy, emphasizing Haley’s supportive nature.

Noem’s team assured that these “two small errors” would be corrected in all future editions of the book before its release next week. Despite the controversy, Noem’s memoir continues to generate interest, with readers awaiting the revised edition for accurate accounts of her experiences.

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