Kenyatta and Pinsley Compete for Democratic Nomination for Auditor General

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Pennsylvania’s Democratic voters are gearing up for the primary elections on Tuesday, with key races unfolding across the state. One significant contest is for the Democratic nomination for auditor general, a crucial role overseeing the state’s finances.

The contenders vying for this position are State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta from Philadelphia and Lehigh County Controller Mark Pinsley.

Kenyatta, who made history in 2018 as the first openly LGBTQ+ person of color elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, is aiming to make history once again. He seeks to become the first Democrat of color to hold the position of auditor general.

His candidacy brings attention to the possibility of a historic face-off between two Black candidates for auditor general in the general election, should he secure the nomination and face incumbent Tim DeFoor.

Having served in the state House, Kenyatta has emerged as a prominent progressive voice within his party. He has also been actively involved in supporting President Joe Biden’s campaign efforts. Kenyatta emphasizes his upbringing and professional experience, citing his readiness to assume the responsibilities of the auditor general role from day one.

Pinsley, currently serving as Lehigh County Controller since 2019, presents himself as an experienced candidate with a progressive record.

Drawing from his tenure in county-level government, Pinsley highlights his accomplishments in areas such as healthcare, criminal justice reform, and advocacy for reproductive rights. He positions himself as capable of bringing these initiatives to the state level if elected as auditor general.

Kenyatta’s candidacy received formal endorsement from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party in December, marking a significant milestone in the party’s support for diversity in statewide offices. He has also garnered backing from labor unions and various Democratic officials. Despite this support, the race has received less attention compared to other statewide contests.

In previous electoral pursuits, Kenyatta ran for U.S. Senate in 2022, while Pinsley contested state Senate seats in 2018 and 2022. Pinsley reportedly considered a run for lieutenant governor in 2021. As the primary approaches, both candidates are vying for Democratic voters’ support, each offering their vision and qualifications for the important role of auditor general.

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