Japan Disagrees with Biden’s “Xenophobic” Comments

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Japan’s embassy in the United States has responded to Joe Biden’s recent remarks labeling Japan, along with other countries, as “xenophobic.” The embassy described the characterization as “unfortunate” and not reflective of Japan’s policies.

During a campaign fundraising event, President Biden commented that countries like Japan, India, China, and Russia “don’t want immigrants.” While the White House clarified that Biden’s statement was intended to emphasize the importance of immigrants in the United States, the comment has sparked criticism from various quarters.

Japan’s embassy expressed disappointment that some comments were made without an accurate understanding of Japan’s policies, particularly regarding immigration. Despite traditionally strict immigration policies, Japan has taken steps to address population decline by relaxing immigration rules in recent years.

Biden’s remarks come shortly after he hailed the “unbreakable” alliance between the United States and Japan during a state visit by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to Washington. The embassy emphasized that the visit underscored the strength of the US-Japan relationship.

China also criticized Biden’s comments, with a prominent columnist accusing him of being fixated on disparaging China. Meanwhile, India has not directly responded, but an economist and journalist noted that Biden’s statement about India not wanting immigrants was inaccurate, citing India’s attractiveness to various immigrant demographics.

The incident adds to ongoing dissatisfaction among US voters over Biden’s handling of immigration issues, particularly concerning the US-Mexico border.

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