Florida Ranks Lowest in Teacher Pay: How Do Lee County Educators Fare?

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Florida’s teacher salaries have earned the state the unenviable title of 50th in the nation, according to a recent report comparing educator pay across states. The National Education Association’s data for 2024 reveals that educators in the Sunshine State earn an average of $53,098 annually, significantly lower than the national average of $69,544.

Despite a 4.1% increase in average public school teacher salaries in the 2022-2023 period, Florida’s educator pay has failed to keep pace with inflation over the past decade. Adjusted for inflation, teacher salaries in the state have experienced a 5% decrease in real terms during this period.

The report sheds light on how the Lee County School District compares:

  • Average teacher starting salary: Ranked 16th nationally at $47,178.
  • Average teacher salary: Ranked 50th nationally at $53,098.
  • Average K-12 support staff pay: Ranked 27th nationally at $32,127.
  • Average higher education faculty salary: Ranked 15th nationally at $102,927.
  • Average higher education support staff pay: Ranked 38th nationally at $41,778.

These statistics underscore the challenges faced by educators in Lee County and across Florida due to comparatively low compensation levels, highlighting the need for addressing salary disparities to attract and retain qualified teachers.

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