FAS Dean Hopi Hoekstra Takes Victory Lap After Peaceful End to Harvard Yard Encampment

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Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean, Hopi E. Hoekstra, applauds Harvard President Alan M. Garber’s skillful management of the pro-Palestine encampment in Harvard Yard, which peacefully concluded on Tuesday morning.

Acknowledging Leadership: Hoekstra’s Tribute to President Garber

In her first public statement addressing the nearly three-week occupation of Harvard Yard, Hoekstra praises interim University President Alan M. Garber ’76 for his leadership amidst the pro-Palestine encampment. She stresses the importance of fostering authentic dialogue to address such contentious issues.

Achieving Peace: A Testament to Effective Communication

Hoekstra’s communication, tailored for both students and potential donors, shines a spotlight on Garber’s role in achieving a peaceful resolution to the encampment without resorting to police intervention. She acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding such a resolution, highlighting the achievement of peaceful resolution amidst potential challenges.

A Pledge to Dialogue: Building Bridges Amidst Conflict

In the spirit of fostering understanding, Hoekstra and Garber commit to engaging in dialogues with members of Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine. These discussions seek to explore diverse perspectives on the Israel-Gaza conflict and promote academic discourse on enduring Middle Eastern conflicts.

Humanitarian Focus: Emphasizing Unity in Crisis

Aligned with Garber’s concerns for humanitarian crises, Hoekstra underscores the importance of unity and dialogue amidst global turmoil. She reaffirms the institution’s dedication to fostering unity and meaningful dialogue within the community.

Exploring Collaborative Opportunities: HOOP’s Vision for the Future

Members of HOOP express their interest in establishing a center for Palestine studies in collaboration with Harvard. However, Harvard’s stance on specific demands remains undisclosed, leaving room for future negotiations.

From Silence to Engagement: Navigating Public Commentary

Despite the encampment unfolding steps from University Hall, Hoekstra refrains from public commentary throughout the 20-day demonstration. However, she addresses the encampment briefly during last week’s FAS meeting, delegating further discussion to interim Provost John F. Manning ’82.

Negotiating Resolution: Finding Common Ground

The negotiated resolution reflects the terms outlined by Garber in his earlier communication with the protesters. Focus remains on reinstating students on involuntary leave and engaging in discussions on endowment disclosure and divestment with a member of the Harvard Corporation.

Harvard’s Unique Approach: Prioritizing Dialogue Over Confrontation

Harvard’s approach stands in stark contrast to the police crackdowns witnessed at other Boston institutions. Emphasizing dialogue and compromise, the negotiated resolution aligns more closely with responses at Northwestern University and Brown University.

Gratitude and Recognition

Hoekstra extends her appreciation to the dedicated Harvard staff who facilitated the resolution of the encampment, ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals involved. She expresses gratitude to the faculty for their unwavering support and guidance throughout the ordeal.

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