Families Speak Out After Chad Daybell’s Death Penalty Sentencing

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Following the jury’s decision to sentence Chad Daybell to death for the murders of Tammy Daybell, Joshua “JJ” Vallow, and Tylee Ryan, family members have shared their thoughts through statements.

Tammy Daybell’s Extended Family

Expressing gratitude to all involved in the trial, including law enforcement, prosecutors, and the media, Tammy Daybell’s extended family acknowledged the support they received during this challenging time.

They highlighted their ongoing sorrow for Tammy’s loss but found solace in the hope of reuniting with her one day. They also encouraged those touched by Tammy to contribute to The Tammy Douglas Daybell Foundation, dedicated to enhancing children’s literacy.

Brandon Boudreaux’s Family

Reflecting on the accountability established in the trial, Brandon Boudreaux’s family expressed appreciation for everyone involved, including jurors and law enforcement.

They acknowledged the hidden pain experienced by many families affected by such tragedies, extending empathy and encouragement for all to be held accountable. Despite the void left by their loved ones’ absence, they found comfort in their faith and offered understanding to others enduring similar hardships.

Matt and Heather Daybell

Describing their emotional journey following the trial, Matt and Heather Daybell expressed a mixture of relief and sorrow. While recognizing the justice served, they highlighted the rollercoaster of emotions endured over the past decade.

They expressed gratitude to supporters and expressed optimism for healing and brighter days ahead. They extended heartfelt appreciation to all involved in the trial and conveyed love and support to other affected families.

Cox and Shiflet Families

Grateful for the pursuit of justice and the fair verdict, the Cox and Shiflet families thanked law enforcement, witnesses, jurors, and the court for their dedication.

They acknowledged the trial’s impact on all involved and placed their trust in God for healing. Remembering Tammy, Tylee, and JJ as beacons of light, they expressed gratitude for the prayers and support received and wished blessings upon all families affected by the tragedy.

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