Exploring the World’s Culinary Gems: Time Out’s 2024 Ranking of Foodie Cities

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When people plan trips, they often consider cultural sights, nightlife, or special events. But for many, the highlight of any journey is the chance to indulge in delicious food. From lively markets to late-night street food vendors to acclaimed restaurants, culinary experiences can shape travel memories.

Understanding the importance of gastronomic adventures, Time Out, a global media organization, compiled a list of the world’s best foodie cities for 2024. By surveying thousands of locals worldwide, Time Out gained insights into each city’s food scene, focusing on both quality and affordability.

At the top of the list is Naples, Italy, renowned for its delectable pizza. While the classic pizza margherita shines, Naples offers a range of culinary delights, from Neapolitan rag├╣ to sweet sfogliatella pastries.

Securing the second spot is Johannesburg, South Africa, celebrated for its diverse food culture. Locals recommend exploring Braamfontein, a central neighborhood known for dishes like the kota sandwich and bunny chow.

Lima, Peru, takes third place, enticing visitors with its iconic ceviche and arroz con pollo. With acclaimed restaurants like Central, Lima promises a culinary journey filled with innovation and flavor.

Other cities on Time Out’s esteemed list include Ho Chi Minh City, Beijing, and Bangkok, all experiencing culinary renaissances. With affordability and accessibility as key criteria, travelers can enjoy high-quality meals on any budget.

Portland, Oregon, emerges as the top U.S. city, celebrated for its diverse food scene and signature dishes like Mexican pizza. Meanwhile, Liverpool in the UK, known for its hearty Scouse stew and burgeoning culinary landscape, narrowly missed the top 10.

From Bangkok’s bustling streets to Copenhagen’s charming eateries, each city on Time Out’s list offers a unique culinary adventure, showcasing the rich diversity of global gastronomy. Whether craving authentic Italian pizza or eager to sample South Africa’s street food delights, these foodie cities invite travelers to explore irresistible flavors and culinary experiences awaiting discovery.

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