DOJ Seeks 40-Year Sentence for Paul Pelosi Attacker

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Federal prosecutors are pushing for a 40-year prison term for David DePape, convicted of breaking into Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home and assaulting her husband, Paul, with a hammer in 2022.

DePape’s guilty verdict, reached in November, stemmed from the October 28 incident, where he inflicted a skull fracture on the 84-year-old Paul Pelosi, who was hospitalized for six days. The attack was captured on police body cameras, highlighting the severity of the assault.

The Department of Justice, in a sentencing memorandum filed Friday, argues that DePape’s actions amount to terrorism and warrant a sentence exceeding standard guidelines. They emphasize his premeditated plan to take Nancy Pelosi hostage and nearly kill her husband as evidence of the severity of his crimes.

While the attempted kidnapping charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years, a second charge against DePape could result in up to 30 years in prison. Prosecutors are seeking to have 20 years of the latter charge run consecutively with the first, rather than concurrently.

During the trial, DePape admitted to breaking into the Pelosi residence under the guise of discussing alleged Russian interference in the 2020 election. He threatened Nancy Pelosi, stating he would harm her if she did not comply with his demands.

In addition to the 40-year prison term, federal prosecutors are requesting eight years of supervised release for DePape upon his eventual release from prison.

DePape, who also faces state charges for the attack, including attempted murder, has pleaded not guilty to these charges. His attorney has yet to comment on the government’s sentencing recommendations.

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