Disney Announces Multi-Billion Dollar Investment in Florida Parks

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Disney has recently made a significant investment in its Florida parks, amounting to billions of dollars. This substantial financial commitment is expected to enhance and improve the overall experience for visitors to the parks. The investment demonstrates Disney’s dedication to providing a world-class entertainment destination for people of all ages.

Following extensive legal battles between Disney and Governor Ron DeSantis’ appointees, an agreement has finally been reached by both parties. This agreement has the potential to result in Disney making a significant investment of up to $17 billion in its Florida resort.

The agreement, which is awaiting final approval next week, was first approved by the five supervisors appointed by DeSantis who oversee the Disney World district. This development follows a settlement in March that resolved state court lawsuits between the two parties.

Woody Rodriguez, director of external affairs for Disney parks, is thrilled about the agreement and is excited about the possibility of making significant investments in Disney World.

As part of the agreement, lasting for 15 years, Disney has been given permission to build a new theme park at Disney World, along with two smaller parks. The company has the potential to significantly expand its hotel accommodations to over 53,000 rooms and boost retail and restaurant space by more than 20%.

As part of the agreement, Disney has committed to donating a significant amount of its land for infrastructure projects overseen by the district. Additionally, they have pledged to prioritise Florida-based companies for at least half of their construction projects and invest a substantial sum of $10 million in affordable housing for central Florida.

The legal disputes between Disney and DeSantis’ appointees started nearly two years ago, after Disney expressed its disagreement with a Florida law referred to as “Don’t Say Gay.” This legislation, supported by Governor DeSantis, banned classroom conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity in the early grades.

In March, Disney agreed to stop its federal lawsuit appeal as part of a settlement. The appeal claimed that the company’s free speech rights were violated. The lawsuits arose from DeSantis’ assumption of control over the governing district from Disney supporters and the ensuing legal disputes regarding control and contractual agreements.

After resolving these disputes, Disney is now ready to embark on a major expansion of its Florida parks, bringing forth a new era of growth and development for Disney World.

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