Dangerous Cities In Illinois 2023: The Dark Side Of “The Prairie State”

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Illinois, often known as “The Prairie State,” boasts a rich history, diverse cultural attractions, and a lively sports scene. Nevertheless, like any state, it has its darker aspects. This article highlights the most perilous cities in Illinois as of 2023, presenting a comprehensive overview of crime rates and safety concerns in these locations.

East St. Louis

With a population of 26,359 residents, East St. Louis holds the unfortunate distinction of being one of Illinois’ most dangerous cities.

Mount Vernon

Experiencing a significant increase in crime rates, Mount Vernon has become one of the state’s most perilous cities.


Danville, grappling with elevated crime rates, ranks among the most dangerous cities in Illinois.


As the capital city of Illinois, Springfield unfortunately tops the list of the state’s most dangerous cities based on the latest FBI crime data. Both violent and property crime rates in Springfield rank in the top ten statewide.


Struggling with high crime rates, Centralia is one of the most dangerous cities in Illinois.


Despite being the second-most populous city in the state, Aurora is also among Illinois’ most dangerous cities.


As the state’s fourth-largest city, Rockford has been significantly impacted by crime. Statistics for all major violent and non-violent crimes well exceed state averages.


Despite its small size, Metropolis has a high crime rate, earning it a spot among the most dangerous cities in Illinois.


Known for its beautiful riverfront and cultural events, Peoria unfortunately has a high crime rate.

Sauk Village

Despite its small size, Sauk Village has a high crime rate, making it one of the most dangerous cities in Illinois.


Hoopeston concludes the list of the most dangerous cities in Illinois.

It’s essential to note that these statistics only represent a portion of Illinois and do not define the entire state. Numerous safe and welcoming cities in Illinois offer a high quality of life. However, understanding crime rates in different areas can assist residents and potential newcomers in making informed decisions about their safety.


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